Over the air (Drawings)

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teamVOID is a collective of Junbong Song, Jaehyuck Bae, and Booyoung Seok. Youngkak Cho is a new media artist and works on the basis of his research on the possibility of system irregular operation and its merits. Read more

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Over the Air is an installation based on a method that generates signals through data based on the world’s air quality index. Two industrial robot arms then reconstruct the data to generate a drawing and sound. This artwork reflects the reality that the correlation between future industries and environmental pollution arises. Through this, the viewer can experience the result of the assumption of the map drawn by the data contour of each city in audio-visual form.

More unique drawings will be created by the installation Over the air during Ars Electronica festival from September the 6th until September the 10th. Please contact us to get more information about these artworks.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 0.5 x 30 cm
Collection curated by:

Doo Eun Choi




South Korea




Drawings on paper realized by a robot


Framed Artwork


Original artwork

Certificate of authenticity



of the Geumcheon Art Center, South Korea