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Working under the pseudonym Haydiroket, Mert Keskin is an Istanbul-based artist and curator. His main mediums are GIF, Video, Collage. He was part of some Demoscene groups in the 90s before having his talents tapped by the likes of MTV, Converse and Tumblr. Read more

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Today, in our pre-programmed world, the virtual life we lead looking at infinite screens only isolates us more than ever before; all the attempts we automatically make to be liked and admired pile into a massive digital junkyard, most of the data is accumulated in clouds, and all our thoughts and sentiments can only be expressed through web addresses and Internet browsers. The digital Renaissance we live in this world is about to take complete control.

Gifs are delivered in high definition, without the watermark (when it is present), and with a certificate of authenticity.

GIF excerpts :

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Mert Keskin aka Haydiroket






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