Kryptonite Bride

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Claudia Hart emerged as part of a generation of 90s intermedia artists in the “identity art” niche. She still examines identity, but updated through the scrim of technology. Claudia’s art is about issues of the body, perception, and nature collapsing into technology and then back again. Everything is fluid in it including gender. She considers it Cyborg-ish. She creates liminal spaces, an overused word she knows, but, she’s in love with the interface between real and unreal because it is space of contemplation and transformation. Claudia Hart was an early adopter of virtual imaging, which means using 3D animation to make media installations and projections, then later as they were invented, other forms of VR, AR, and objects using computer-driven production machines, all based on the same computer models. Read more

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Claudia Hart has developed and uses a unique process to produce what she calls “kryptonite” sculptures. Starting with ABS-plastic rapid prototype prints of a 3D model, Hart then chromes, stains and lacquers these erotic figurines, and places them on individual bases made from cast black rubber. In this series, the Mortifications, a realistic 3D model of a nude is digitally “mutilated” and subjected to irregular and apparently organic deformations. By creating forms that evoke decay out of the non-biodegradable ABS plastic, produced by an industrial process normally intended to produce prototypes for mass production, the Mortifications propose a digital Baroque. Related to the intentions of the historical Baroque, the emotionally expressive, personal style of this imagery is intended to breathe irregularity and life into a conformist techno/consumer culture.

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Dimensions 10 x 7.6 x 33 cm
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Doo Eun Choi


Claudia Hart




2010, 2016


Lacquered and stained nickel chrome on Rapid-Prototype printed sculpture made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, with cast rubber pedestal


Original artwork

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