To record water during days / Honolulu

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Drawing equally on scientific methods and symbolism, the work of Javiera Tejerina tirelessly explores the notion of movement: fluid mechanics and the mythologies of insularity are summoned forth to confront us with the effects of nature. Both laboratory and gallery take equal prominence as observation grounds in which she models poetic experiments on the elements, abstracting them to the point where they become dimensionless quantities. Correlations are then only visible to the mind. Read more

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To record water during days / Honolulu features a new form of landscape, an image of the world in movement through the back-and-forth of the Ocean. The artwork takes shape from the data transmitted in real time by a buoy that measures the waves off the island of Honolulu. This piece is part of the project “To record water during days”, a series of kinetic installations that translate in real time the rhythm of the oceans, in collaboration with Patrice Le Gal, researcher at CNRS. The artist strives to provide a sensitive response to the problem raised by Bruno Latour where the question of scale is central: “the main difficulty is to be able to feel global changes when you are not yourself a global being; to feel the “climate” when the only ways to talk about it are gigantic computer-designed models. ” Therefore, she creates a fictional space related to Nature, physical and terrestrial space through the transmission of buoy data from the seas. She proposes an artificial environment where the audience can perceive and feel here and now what is happening elsewhere.

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