Wormhole party

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Founded in late 2002 with a strong focus on live performance, incite/ bridges the gap between club culture and art exhibitions and plays unorthodox danceable futuristic bass music in synced conjunction with intense greyscale visuals. Until today, incite/ played more than 200 live concerts, many of them on international festivals featuring new media art, video, contemporary music, electro, breakcore, industrial and the genres, and received six international awards for their performance, visuals and music. Read more

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Wormhole party is a wild chase of two Lego figurines, representing the artists as avatars, running through wormholes and other crossing points between worlds ending up on a big party where they meet the characters of their chase again, just to find themselves trapped in an eternal cycle. References to aspects like quantum physics, 3D-computer games, science fiction literature as well as visual art appear throughout the piece, resulting in a very high narrative density. Wormhole party is part of the Incite/ set “Beyond the entropic dimension”, premiered in June 2015 at Mojo Club, Hamburg.

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Two channel audio-visual work (5’03”) on encrypted USB key


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of Fragmented Media, Germany

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