28ème Parallèle, Opéra conférence N°1

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Born in 1974, François Ronsiaux lives and works in Paris. he is a visual artist and photographer, president of L’entreprise association and founder of the Platform gallery in Paris. François Ronsiaux is one of those artists with protean creation, practising his art on topics such as propaganda of Engineering, modern ideologies or environmental changes, it builds the likings of his experiences a puzzle or mixed chance and his own spiritual research on its relationship with the world. Read more

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The 28th parallel project is a photographic and figurative work about different expressions of conspiracy theories. A fictional exploration of the boundaries of reality as represented by information falsified by an overhyped society.  The contemporary, multiple-support image produced by propaganda engineering defines what is just out of reach of any instinctive or intellectual inquiry. In the 28th parallel, five high-level graduates, being above the law and oblivious to geopolitical boundaries, control the world using modern media panels and the sublimation of images. These five people of the same appearance known as «sources», influence and orient policy choices, define global international rules and affect everyone’s lives.  A new “politico-spiritual” order called «the guides» is created, built of electrons, with the goal of the reclaiming of the planet by its inhabitants. In a symbolic and phantasmagorical representation, these ghostly «guides» explore the cracks of the system and use their operational precepts and independent thinking to penetrate the international propaganda network. This road leads inevitably to the five ‘sources’. By this allegory and this fiction, the 28th parallel comes close to the modern system of manipulating people, in line with the science fiction works from Philip K. Dick to George Orwell, and in a reality well rooted and close to the philosophy of our modern times.

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