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José Carlos Casado is an artist who works with video, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance. An MFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Casado was born in Spain and has been based in New York for 20 years. His work has been shown in multiple solo and group shows internationally and has won numerous prizes and recognitions, including a grant from Picasso Foundation, a scholarship from La Caixa Foundation, MIT’s Leonardo Excellence Award and two Fellowships from the prestigious New York Foundation for the Arts. Since the early 1990s, Casado’s artworks have been seen all over the world. Read more

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During my time near the North Pole, I photographed and filmed the natural landscape and the remnants of human activities, the landscape above and below the water, capturing the bottoms of icebergs and the clarity of the light and the sky. I created and photographed temporary installations of fragments of my vibrant sculptural works placed in the natural environment. This project unites my explorations of cyclical life processes and the human interventions and violence that transform states of being, creating my own world between the natural and the unnatural.

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Jose Carlos Casado


Spain, USA




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