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Klaus Fruchtnis is a Paris based French-Colombian digital artist, researcher and educator. His research is based on the areas of photography, multimedia, digital drawing and media experimentation, as well as collective and participatory projects that involve art, technology, cultural, social and political aspects. Read more

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Crossover is a series made in Japan. Klaus Fruchtnis proposes a reading of the Tokyo urban space using different visual codes to question the notion of the work, its space of creation and representation, as well as the role of the viewer / reader. The artist uses the city as an artistic resource, as a painter uses his canvas to illustrate the process of creation without any knowledge of prior exploration. Fruchtnis experiments with perception, questioning the way we perceive a place, using technical means of visual representation. His creative process is by no means predefined; it is an evolutionary search for questions where interaction with others is an important step in development. To define his artistic approach, Fruchtnis uses a Chinese proverb: “Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I can remember; Involve me and I will understand. “

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Dimensions 100 x 0.2 x 75 cm

Klaus Fruchtnis


France, Venezuela


2010, 2011


Unframed artwork


6 copies

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of Galerie MI*, Paris