Viral Icons, Falling man

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Klaus Fruchtnis is a Paris based French-Colombian digital artist, researcher and educator. His research is based on the areas of photography, multimedia, digital drawing and media experimentation, as well as collective and participatory projects that involve art, technology, cultural, social and political aspects. Read more

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The Internet is without no doubt the best place to share images. These past years the world has seen, many times and at several occasions, images that have become history thanks to the Internet. Some of them have become social, economical, and political icons; and more importantly, these images have modified our perception and the way we look at society. With the series Viral Icons, I question the use of images taken from the Internet, and reduced them to minimum amount of information (the pixel) then to propose a different way to read these images. The images carefully selected (i.e. September 11th, the Times Square kiss, the Tianamen Square tank man, etc.) appeal to our sensitive and personal experiences, and to our very personal cultural references. They awake among each and everyone of us memories almost forgotten…The images can be also read with a digital camera. It facilitates the understanding and implies the use of a digital device and an active participation in the creative and participatory process.

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Klaus Fruchtnis


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