Les Dessous de L.H.O, le set complet

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Albertine Meunier has been practicing so-called digital art since 1998, and is particularly inclined to use the Internet as raw material. She defines herself as a Net artist, which is not necessarily her artistic net value. This mildly obsolete expression—a Net artist is, quite simply, an artist of her time—helps to give her a human face, far from the coldness of digital machines. Read more

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In the artwork The Innards of L.H.O., Albertine Meunier hijacks the little box that appears next to Google search results. Through this artistic gesture, she decides that Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q. dates to the period of Net Art, rather than Dada, as art history would describe it.  As such, she produces a sort of Readymade Hack on a piece that is itself a Readymade. In fact, the first hack consisted of Marcel Duchamp adding a mustache to the Mona Lisa, transforming Leonardo da Vinci’s original artwork with a simple gesture. In turn, Albertine adds the Net Art label to Google’s search results for Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q. by directly modifying the information in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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