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Fabien Léaustic, born in 1985, is an artist who graduated from both an engineering school and the national school of decorative arts in Paris. Informed by science, mathematics, mechanics, thermodynamics, Léaustic’s (re)conversion work leads him on artistic roads… roads which have been crossing and observing each other for centuries, if not forever. Read more

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Two emotions coexist in this piece. A simple electric charge  separates and disrupts our interpretation. This click becomes the symbol of the duality that defines us. With this image, the installation oscillates between naive optimism and dark poetry. Activated by the presence of the visitor, it spotlights the drifting of our digital world. It lets us be the judge of what can be beneficial or destructive in the evolution of digital technologies. At what point does reality become virtual? Does the digital world augment life? HELLO WORLD is an iconic phrase of this digital culture. It originated from a cartoon. Brian Kernighan, one of the founders of computer programming in education, supposedly heard it from the beak of a newly hatched chick. Ever since, we find this greeting full of optimism in all computer programming books as the first string of text to be displayed by the first program that humans learn to code.

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Fabien Léaustic






Fluorescent tubes, electrical wiring, Morse code, microcontroller


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