Les Cent visages (The Hundred Faces)

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The couple artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt work under the name Scenocosme. Their singular artworks use diverse expressions: interactive installations, visual art, digital art, sound art, collective performances etc…. Scenocosme mix art and digital technology to find substances of dreams, poetry, sensitivity and delicacy. Read More

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This artwork is composed of a multitude of faces from different people. The interactive installation grows and evolves during all the exhibition period. A face appears in video projection on a fine circle made with stretch fabric. It is a symbolic skin to touch and explore. When someone caresses and touches lightly deeply the fabric, another part of another face appears under the hand. Like a Russian doll or like a multitude of puzzles of faces superimposed one upon the other, these faces are nested. A multitude of scenarios is possible. A caress on the eyes reveals the sight of another person. A touch on the lips of a man reveals the smile of a woman. The light touch on the cheek of a child suggests the wrinkles of an old man. The order of the faces evolves randomly after several minutes. The faces come from voluntary visitors filmed during a few seconds.

Coproduction : Artois Comm./Labanque

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Dimensions 160 x 20 x 160 cm







Interactive video artwork (circle, fabric, camera, computer, video-projector, specific software)


5 copies

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