Rencontres Imaginaires

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The couple artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt work under the name Scenocosme. They live in the Rhone-Alpes region in France. Their singular artworks use diverse expressions: interactive installations, visual art, digital art, sound art, collective performances etc…. Read more

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«Rencontres imaginaires is a behavioral interactive video, which set real reflecting melting with virtual images, giving the illusion of an altered reality. The installation is made of a camera and a screen which plays the role of a mirror. The spectator enters in an interactive space and is in front of this mirror / screen. It reflects his body, his face. His reflect attracts progressively virtual hands and faces that try to touch him, stroke him, flee him, catch him, surprise him… Shy, wild, curious or engaging, those hands and faces have a lot of behaviors that questions the relation that we have with the “other”. The virtual hands and faces detect the presence of the spectator and move with the spectator’s reflecting.»

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Behavioural Installation, Interactive behavioural vidéo


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