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Artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer works with digital media, but his exploration of that media is far more profound than the pixelated surface. In his recent series, entitled VOID Fischer builds upon his earlier work by pursuing the potential of art as a means of algorithmic independence – in short, he gives technology the ultimate autonomy in the creation of art. Fischer’s exploration of software art began in earnest in 2012 when he developed the Schwarm Code, a unique algorithm that can generate novel imagery with the aid of Fischer’s input of imagery. This code was essential in Fischer’s creation of his “Schwarm” series; it also has proven essential for “Void,” wherein a similar mechanism is at play. Read more

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V0ID is a series of c-prints created with a custom generative software. A swarm of particles moves over a surface leaving behind colorful traces. Over time, this results in an abstract composition, whose development is unpredictable. The software analyses a sequence of images using their color values at their origin, which it then propagates like a brush spreading the painting. The paths taken by the individual lines are influenced by deterministic randomness, which makes each image unique.

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