Parallel & Symmetric Dialogue

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Minha Yang was born in Chungju, a city in North Chungcheong province, South Korea, 1975. He studied visual communication and received his MFA in Graphic Design at Seoul University. He was also an Associate Professor there from 2008 teaching Interactive Graphics and Motion Graphics design. Minha is a Generative Media Designer and new media artist. He has taught Media Communication at MyjongJi University and has won numerous awards for his work throughout his current career including four Asia Digital Art Awards. Read more

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Is it possible in human relationships to have a perfectly equal conversation? The work Parallel & Symmetric dialogue begins with this question. As time passes a dialogue between two opposite points is changed and connected to the light and its movement. It is then completed with an asymmetrical and incomplete wavelength with intense lights movements. The moving light appears, disappears and is quickly converted generating a feeling of discomfort, anxiety, tension and at the same time stability.

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