Series “Elementary and fusional” : Oh My God!

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Lisa Sartorio belongs to that group of artists whose approach to photography consists of taking a critical look at the massive presence of images and their absolute availability in today’s visual culture. The internet, social networks and video surveillance are participants in the new creative processes and bear witness to the way in which the image is being transformed. Read more

In the series “Elémentaire et fusionnel” (Elementary and entwined), Lisa Sartorio uses existing photographic documents and, in a very powerful manner, plays on the inversions that exist between all the different forms of violence that structure our social relationships and their integration as a motif in a series of decorative works. What interests her is this double movement which obscures or strips bare the violence in the world and the obscenity of human relationships in all the crudeness of our sexuality, the seediness of commercial relationships and the violence of social relationships. Sartorio is introducing a concept of mediation- a space for crossed contamination which brings other flow patterns and blurs the boundaries of the visible.

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Lisa Sartorio






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