The Writing of History, COLT

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Lisa Sartorio belongs to that group of artists whose approach to photography consists of taking a critical look at the massive presence of images and their absolute availability in today’s visual culture. The internet, social networks and video surveillance are participants in the new creative processes and bear witness to the way in which the image is being transformed. Read more


The Colt is the iconic weapon of the Western Conquest. For a number of years, Lisa Sartorio has put her camera aside. Because of the overabundance of images, she has decided to build some recycling processes. Her work questions the paradox surrounding the hyper-reproducibility of images obfuscating the content and the meaning of what we see. The series The Writing of History is produced from photographs of war weapons found on the Internet that have played a major role in world conflicts. Unlike the other works of the series where the multiplication of the image creates landscape visions, COLT remains focused on History.

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Lisa Sartorio






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