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Lisa Sartorio, Italian-born, graduated from the beaux-arts in Paris in 1993 and attended the Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques de la Ville de Paris (Institute of advanced studies in fine arts of the City of Paris) in 1994. Trained in sculpture, her work then evolved to performance and visual arts. She received various prizes and scholarships including Aide à la création Ville de Paris (City of Paris aid for creation), Bourse d’étude Corée du Sud (South Korea scholarship), Artiste en résidence Valence Art 3 (Art 3 Artist in residence – Valencia), Winchester scholarship, Prix de la Fondation de l’Ensba Paris (Ensba Paris Foundation Award) and is currently in territorial residence subsidised by the Ministry of Culture with the Mac/ Val at Vitry. Read more


In the series “Elémentaire et fusionnel” (Elementary and entwined),  Lisa Sartorio uses existing photographic documents and, in a very powerful manner, plays on the inversions that exist between all the different forms of violence that structure our social relationships and their integration as a motif in a series of decorative works. What interests her is this double movement which obscures or strips bare the violence in the world and the obscenity of human relationships in all the crudeness of our sexuality, the seediness of commercial relationships and the violence of social relationships. Sartorio is introducing a concept of mediation- a space for cross contamination which brings other flow patterns and blurs the boundaries of the visible.

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Lisa Sartorio






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